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Lets see, lately...

...I did much better on my Physics test (which was yesterday) then I thought I had =D

... The boys in engineering really pissed me off. It's just not okay to make jokes about a girl not being pretty or not actually being a woman. (Not that I care what they think, or that I think that what they actually think, but that wasn't the point!). Today however they were quite nice so I forgave them. Silly boys.

...As Mikals phone is broken he can't see anything on the screen, so he send me a text that said "hurry up and get to school the library is closed an I need someone to tall to" XD

...My boy sent me a love letter in the mail, and a Balbasaur pokemon card, my favorite pokemon <3

...I saw a girl who have the most perefct boobs ever!~ Well she wasn't shirstless or anything so I can say that for sure but they just struck me as perfect.

...I love my Jobies. They're just so much fun!~

...I'm am going to call one of my friends Kevin-hime (not Kevin-kun) from now on....

...I should call Mikal "group sex" from now on... due to him  randomly saying that in engineering...

...We have gotten so hyper in engineering, I'm having such a good time (ingoring them pissing me off of course...)

...I've been moved to the front of the room in Japanese beacsue I havn't been paying any attention 


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Lalala... schools tomarrow...

The highlights of the last few days:

I got to hang out with two of my friends from elementry!~ I 've missed them so! We only hang out once or twice a year because one of them lives in CA now. Although it's been some time since we were in school together nothing has changed between us. And they as individuals aren't too different, Helen is still inclined to led people on and still needs to be taught how to put on eyeshadow, S-man is quieter somehow, and has developed an interest in communist. Oh and he's engaged. I don't know how that one slipped past me, but whatever.

I read a book called Common Sons. This is the most awesome book. Ever. Thank you Half Price Books. Now I have to go buy the sequels....

I love punk covers.

I read up to volume 6 of Nana. I adore that manga. 

I need to stop my self from trying to find Founding Fathers slash. I know it's out there, due to a search for Lewis and Clark slash.

I love my boy =D

That's it!~
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PM: Ash/Garry

Half Day =D

HALF DAY!~ ^-^

Period 1 Honors Physics: We took a test type thing. It was fairly easy but I wan’t sure why we were taking it…

Period 2 Clay: I’ve decided to make my second salsa bowl triangular. Just because =D

Period 3 Honors Pre-Calc: Nothing. Again. What a surprise. (Except that they announced to ignore the fire alarm because they were running tests, a perfect opportunity to set the school on fire)

Period 4 O’Brian’s TA: Worked on some homework and did a bad job at helping kids. Not on purpose of course.

Period 5 Engineering: We worked on simulating more circuits. And the fire alarm went off, so we did nothing, and they announced that we needed to evacuate. So we stood outside, thankfully in the shade for a good ten mintues.

Period 6 AP Am. Hist: We got our chapter 5-8 test back. I got 50/54, I was quite pleased/

Period 7 Japanese III: I need to brush up on katakana (the alphabet used for foreign words).

After school I had an eye appointment I went up by .25 so I’ll be able to read street signs before I pass them XD

Then I met Megan at Blockbusters we decided to rent Willow, and Freedom Writers. Because Megan isn’t listed under her mom’s blockbuster card the lady actually called Megan’s mom to ask if we could rent them. I was like seriously, don’t you have better things to do? We then wondered a bit trying to remember were the Panda’s was. (Right across the street…). We saw Linda (who I never see anymore!) and some other people. Once we got to her house we watched Freedom Writers and ate! I really like the movie, we were quite surprised none of the main characters died. Once it was over we watched Willow, and about 30 minutes in or so I had to go home, but I’ve seen it before so it’s all good. It is odd driving alone for almost an hour. But I played MSI real loud so it wasn’t too bad.

My brothers and I swam once I got home. We played a DBZ version of colors XD

Nothing else happened too exciting for the rest of the day…

Oh, also my mom got upset because I didn’t called her when I got to school to tell her I wasn’t, you know, died or mortally wounded.

Completely off topic but, I miss Jeremy. Everyone needs a gay, femi-nazi Japanese boy in their life…
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Period 1 Honors Physics: I hate Mr. Stafford. We got our labs back and I got a D! Of course everyone did badly, but still it pissed me off. We did a class challenge and we actually did really well

Period 2 Clay: I started my second salsa bowl. It wasn’t working however so I’ll start over tomorrow.

Period 3 Honors Pre=Calc: This class is soooooo boring! We don’t do anything. Ever.

Period 4 O’Brian’s TA: I went and got my school picture taken. The people were very confused considering it was the middle of the day already. Mr. O’Brian and I talked about inverses, how lame are we? Also Tomorrow, I think, Garret is going to Mr. O’Brian’s TA for the same hour, this means we have 5 periods together!

Period 5 Engineering: Ah, my low key class. There is was too much testosterone in that room. We continued simulating circuits and what not.

Period 6 AP Am. Hist: Our teacher wasn’t here today so we watched a movie about the founding fathers. It was pretty good, but not awesome.

Period 7 Japanese III: We had a sub so we just worked on some of our kanji packet. It was pretty fun just working and chatting with the sub sitting right there listening to us XD
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So I've driven around lots, finished reading ch 1-4 and the worksheet for Hist. and done a lot of not really anything.

Oh, today my Mom asked me if I would like to marry my boy. It was odd.

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As of late I have...

-finished the new Harry Potter book

-Watched Rocky Balboa and School of Rock at my boy's house

- finalized my scedule for 11th grade
       Hr. Physics
       Hr. Pre Calc
       The 3rd year Enginerring class
       AP American Hist.
       Japanese III

-Finally got Weemoo at my house

-Worked on some Hist summerwork




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I've been busy sorry! Also my computer hasn't been working very well so I haven't gotten the pictures to stick to the damn Disney post DX

Thursday: Stayed home all day. I played Racket and Clank: Going Commando, worked on my Anime TGC collection, and not much else.

Friday: Shortly after waking up, I drove my Mom, and sister to Walmart. My Mom and I got in an arguement about driving. (I am so not a bad driver. I am inexperienced, but not bad.) At Wally World we got my sister school supplies and some clothes for each of us. Then we cleaned some, and at 3-ish we went to *N's house. Most of the Jobies were there. My boy was there too, and his father. He seems to like me, and I think he's quite interesting (mostly because he makes my boy so squeamish).

N's family has a pool. A rather small pool, we stuck 25-ish people in it XD My boy, of course, forgot his trunks so he swam in his pants.

At 8 or so we went to the Lodge because the F&AM (cookies if you can tell me what that stands for!~) there have sold the building and land so we have to go to a different Lodge . So we did a ceremony that N made as a farewell to the Lodge. I SO started crying.  The emotions involved with the ordeal are difficult to pen. 

I went back to N's house to spend the night. We watched some older cartoons on Jetix and talked until 4 in the morning. 

Saturday: We woke up at 11 or so and got ready for the day. Once we were clean and dressed I watched her play a Lord of the Rings commputer game. After that I helped her study the HQ part. She's doing well. Some time later her boyfriend showed up, less then 20 mintues after that, my boy's family came over. Then N, her boy and myself and my boy went on a double date. We saw Chuck and Larry, and ate dinner and played in the rain. It was fun.

Sunday: I went to church. It was nice, although some people are completly rude there. Afterwards the girls went shopping. My sister and I got lot's of cute clothes =D  A few hours later my sibs all got baptised. It was very, well, very.  

Today: My sister started school today. The rest of us cleaned. And played more Going Commando. At 3:43 my mom's parents came over, and at 4:30 my boy's family came over. We swam some and ate BBQ.  And here we are!~    
Also, at some point I started watching an anime called Fate Stay Night, it is wonderful!

* N will henceforth stand for the name of my friend who goes to Highland High, and is currently HQ =D    

One more thing, someone needs to give me more info on the Hist. summer work as I didn't get to go to the meeting about it. Thanks!

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Lets see today, I made lots of progress on the Disney post. It will be done soon! 

Also I got someone's b-day gift >.>  <.< (Otanjoubi Omedetou Gozaimasu!~)  

Oh! I did some t-shirt surggery and now my not very cute 4th of July 2006 shirt is very cute =D

Also check out the TGC I've joined; it's very cool.

I'm going to watch some Sukisho!~ Because I feel like it...
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1. Put Your iTunes (windows media player, etc.) on Shuffle
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
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My Cards

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket referral.png image by Apassionathy

Number of Cards: 57
Collecting: Hachi and Boots
Level: 1

Hachi Deck

hachi00.jpghachi00.jpgPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobuckethachi00.jpg
hachi00.jpghachi06.jpg image by Apassionathyhachi00.jpghachi00.jpg
hachi00.jpgPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobuckethachi00.jpghachi00.jpg
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobuckethachi14.png image by Apassionathyhachi00.jpghachi00.jpg
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobuckethachi00.jpghachi00.jpg

Boots Deck 

boots00.pngboots00.pngPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucketboots00.png
boots00.pngboots06.png image by Apassionathyboots00.pngboots00.png
boots00.pngboots00.pngPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucketboots12.png
boots00.pngboots00.pngboots15.jpg image by Apassionathyboots00.png
boots17.png image by Apassionathyboots00.pngboots00.png

Future Decks

glasses01.png image by Apassionathyglasses02.png image by Apassionathyglasses07.jpg image by Apassionathyglasses08.jpg image by Apassionathy
glasses11.jpg image by Apassionathyglasses12.jpg image by Apassionathyglasses15.png image by Apassionathyglasses16.png image by Apassionathy
flower15.png image by Apassionathy


trap02.jpg image by Apassionathyramen06.jpg image by Apassionathy


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucketdocter01.jpg image by Apassionathydool09.jpg image by Apassionathy
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucketuntitled-3.jpg image by Apassionathy
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket 
Sea06.jpg image by Apassionathyusagi20.jpg image by Apassionathybk20111.png image by Apassionathyloyal04.jpg image by Apassionathy
resolve15.jpg image by Apassionathyhammer06.jpg image by Apassionathyplushie20.png image by ApassionathyMercury08.jpg image by Apassionathy
zen08.png image by Apassionathyzaft05.jpg image by Apassionathyprotect07.png image by Apassionathyblood02.png image by Apassionathy
mentor17.png image by Apassionathyguard.jpg image by Apassionathyruse15.jpg image by ApassionathyPoison15.jpg image by Apassionathy
man01.jpg image by Apassionathympd16.jpg image by Apassionathy


inu15.jpg image by ApassionathyPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Trading Log:

16: Applied to Join
17: Claimed Boots03 at graveyard; Recieved BK201-10 and Thunder13 from Freebies post
18: Recived starter cards, choice Hachi03, 10, 17, random Vessel 10, Hell13, Kappa11, Oedipus04, Mary17, and Fomicry18
19: Gave updated link, moved to level 1 and recieved random card Ice14; Won guess the anime got random cards Knight12 and Flame05, Claimed Boots11 from graveyard; Won birthday game got random cards Hachi18 and Medusa09, won Eye Spy got random cards Kappa11 and King04; Traded lazuliprince  Kappa11 for Hachi13
22: Traded golden_bastet   Fomicry18 for Boots12
28: Won DNA11 from matching game; won Sea06, Usagi20, and Fomicry19 from Guess the Character 
31: Won Otaku14, Hammer06 and Resolve15 from birthday game, won ccsilver from song game 


2: Got Doctor01 and Glasses11from freebes; took Plushie20,Flower15, Glasses15, Blood02 and Crusnik01 from new deck post 
3: Traded
elystia Crusniuk01 for Boots19
6: Won Ninja20 and Zaft05 from Guess the Video Game, Round 06; won ccbronze, Boots15 and Glasses12 from Seiyuu Guess Round 06, won Critic05 from Anime Trivia Round 07, recived Zen08, Protect07, Mentor 17, and bk201-11 for referals
8: Traded victorishamHell13 for Glasses16
12: Traded fomicry19 for Boots17 with Golden_Basket

22: Won Man01 and Doll09 from Freebies, Won Trap02 from Pick a Card, Round 08, Won Hachi06 from Eye Spy, Round 08; Won Ramen06, Poison15,and Ruse15 for GUESS THE MASCOT 04 Won Inu15, Mercury08, and ccbronze at Laundry Basket Round 06, Won Guard16 for Anime Trivia Round 07; traded aikodestiny: critic05 for glasses02

23: Traded replica</a> </span></span>ninja 20 for boots06
27: Won Pride04 and MPD16 from GUESS THE ANIME 08, </a></span></span>Kappa11 and DNA11 for glasses01 and glasses08  

28: Won Perfect 20 from Guess the Character, Round 09: Won Glasses07, Loyal04 and CCSilver for Laundry Basket Round 07: lucathia_rykatu: </span>hachi14 for otaku14

 Jan 08