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It's only Wednesday! DX

Before school I told Mikal that if Alyssa and Jordan ever got married he’d have to take me as his date (because I’d want to see it regardless of how much I’m against the idea). He said that he doesn’t plan on living in AZ past high school and doesn’t approve of them as couple anyways so it’s probable that he wouldn’t go, but if he did he’d take me. (of course he said it way less smart sounding!) And then he sprayed some cologne on me DX and I smelled like boy! And it gave me a headache.


Period 1 Honors Physics: We (re)learned that a ball that falls down and a ball that is launched horizontally land at the same time. Pretty neat.


Period 2 Clay:  I’m almost done with my 3rd bowl. I’m not loving this one, but it needs to be done and it’s pretty cool so it’s not that bad. Some seniors and my clay teacher sang three short-neck buzzards then at the end yelled “Re-mix!” And then started pseudo-rapping and grinding. It was hilarious! XD And it’s will (hopefully) be on the announcements!~   


Period 3 Honors Pre-Calc: We had a sub!~ Thank God. The sub had no clue how to read the answers from our homework to us, and kept asking if he was doing ok, it was kinda cute. We had a quiz that took about five minutes to do. Then we just worked on homework. <insert illusion to Matt being cute here> The sub let us go early which was nice because I needed to buy lunch, which I’ve discovered is rather difficult when you don’t have a lunch.


Period 4 O’Brian’s TA: Mr. O’Brian gave me half his cookie that his wife packed for him =D it was freaky good!~ I worked on some Physics stuff from a crazy lab we did. And I realized that there is a descent group of people who know me as the girl in the Math tutoring room.


Period 5 Engineering: We got to play with an Oscilloscope =D I love my guys in that class lately, we just all get so stupid and giggly as there is nothing to do.  We somehow came to the conclusion that autistic lemur was the most hilarious phrase ever.


Period 6 AP Am. Hist: Test…it was ok, I think.


Period 7 Japanese III: We’ve been hiding Kevin’s backpack in right outside the door lately, but today Alyssa asked to go to the bathroom and took it even farther away. Of course we all knew but Sensei and Kevin so we all laughed uncontrollably.


After school: I almost fell asleep driving I was soooo tired!  And I hate DBQ’s. Just for the record.


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